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Stories of Missionaries Who Gave the Last Full Measure of Devotion

312 pages softcover $22.95 (now on special)

Compiled and Edited by Susan B. Woods

Of the more than one million missionaries who have served in this last dispensation, less than one tenth of one percent have ever qualified for ?THE TRANSFER,? thus making it an extremely rare occurrence in the work of the Lord.

This book was written to honor the memory of those whose departure has been borne most heavily by the families left behind. Here is a compilation of their stories, as told by loved ones -- describing the unwelcome sacrifices evidently deemed necessary or even crucial to the opening of doors, turning of keys and blessing of thousands of lives.

Compiled over the span of more than four years, these stories include missionaries who have served from the beginning of the Restoration to those "transferred" as recently as last year. Included is the story of a General Authority who died while serving as Area President in Chile, a poignant case of changing assignments in an extraordinary manner.

Each story is a microcosm of the life of many missionaries ? a series of events that prepared the individual to serve, premonitions on the part of the missionary or family members, the ?perfect accident? that takes a life or maims a missionary for life ? these and many other bittersweet stories are shared by families whose sorrows and compensatory blessings make their loved one?s story at once personal and universal.

In the process of compiling stories for this opening volume, additional stories, too numerous to include in this edition, have continued to pour into the author/compiler?s archives. Those will be shared in subsequent publications.

Many Have asked which names are featured in which volumes? to that end we are publishing this list of names by volume:

Volume I

Adair, Thomas Jefferson, Southwestern States, 1906; Alder, Gottfried, Germany/Switzerland, 1899; Anderson, Bryan Keith, Oklahoma Tulsa, 1979; Archibald, Dallas Nielsen, Chile Area, 1998; Bennion, Constance Ethel Green, Dominican Republic East, 1998; Berrett, Joshua Vaughn, Arizona Tempe, 1995; Black, Norman, Central Atlantic States, 1949; Boivie, David Richard, Japan Fukuoka, 1989; Bookstaber, Joseph Israel, Thailand Bangkok, 1997; Brand, Mark W., Florida Tallahassee, 1979; Burnham, James L., Eastern States, 1843; Burt, Keith Wynder, South America, 1928; Bushman, Lewis Jacob, Southern States, 1897; Call, Anson, Vasco, Sr., England, 1867; Chipping, William Osborn, England Bristol, 1978; *Clement, Barry Grant, Springville Stake Family History Center, 2003; Crowther, Laura May Emery, Missouri Independence, 2000 Dewey, Hal David, Chile Santiago North, 1980; Durrant, Royce Harold, Argentina Trelew, 1991; Ellsworth, Benjamin Robert, Argentina Rosario, 2005; Esplin, Edgar Cox, Eastern States, 1925; Gibbons, Edward Richard, Mexican, 1918; *Harding, Tyler, Brazil Jo?o Pessoa, 2005; Hendrickson, Mark William, Utah Salt Lake City, 1978; Hess, Venna Tolman, Missouri Independence, 1980; Hunt, Roger Todd, Portugal Lisbon, 1987; Hyde, Joseph Edward, England London, 1878; Isle, Bradley Jay, New Zealand Wellington, 2006; Jack, Ronald Brent, Portugal Porto, 1988; Johnson, Bryan Thomas, South Australia, 1962; Johnson, Wesley Brian, Germany Hamburg, 1976; Kinghorn, Robert Wayne, Mexico Hermosillo, 1965; Knoop, Matthew Lawrence, Brazil Salvador, 2008; Kunzler, Arnold Joseph, Central States, 1917; Maiwiriwiri, Mosese Kotoisuva, Fiji Suva, 1984; Martin, Kenton Leigh, Florida Tallahassee, 1998; Moody, Ella Adelia Williams, Samoa, 1895; Murdock, Lorin Lee, Texas San Antonio, 1975; Nielson, Gary Lane, Hawaii Honolulu, 1977; Ockey, Gerald Lee, Australia, 1957; Olson, Dale Lynn, Alabama Florida, 1975; Owens, William Seldon, New Hampshire Manchester, 1992; Packer, Christian Glenn, Salt Lake City Welfare Square, 1999; Peck, Bryan Ward, Southern States, 1900; Peterson, Jasper, Denmark, 1887; Pierce, Garth Vinton, Central England, 1974; Potter, Coltan Duke, Portugal, Lisban, 2007; Prymak, Joshua Matthew, Spain Las Palmas, 1999; Quigley, Gordon Myrl, CES England Leeds, 1999; *Reeve, Rebecca Ann, Western States, 1962; Ricks, James L., Andes, 1963; Savage, Bradly Alan, Iowa Des Moines, 2000; Schulz, Jennifer, Japan Fukuoka, 1995; Silcock, Nicholas Martin, Jamaica Kingston, 2001; Snow, Benjamin Doxey, Brazil Recife South, 1995; Spjute, Lindsey, England Birmingham, 2008; Stelter, Carl Ludwig Ferdinand, Switzerland/Germany, 1923; Stevens, Ransom Marion, Samoa, 1894; Thompson, Trenton Blaine, Spirit World, 2003; Tomlinson, Judson Bliss, Samoa, 1902; Twitchell, Jonathan Guy, South Africa Johannesburg, 1980; Veamatahau, Sione Laulota, North Carolina Charlotte, 2002; *Voorheis, Orin A., Argentina Buenos Aires, 1997; Walker, Todd Larry, Michigan Lansing, 1988; White, Doris Dalby, Pennsylvania Harrisburg, 1980; Wight, James Almon, New York Rochester, 1986; Winward, Lydia Ann, Washington D.C., 1978; Wollenzien, Carl Hildt, Germany Frankfurt, 1993;

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