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Lost Civilizations of North America - DVD

Lost Civilizations of North America - DVD
Glenn Beck recently featured this powerful documentary on his TV show. To watch a short clip of what Glenn said see below.

The Lost Civilization of North Americais a powerful film that gives answers to the question of why we haven’t heard about the great civilizations that existed on the North American continent and why theories about their origins have passed out of place and time.

The Lost Civilizations DVD is a compelling new documentary by award winning filmmaker Rick Stout that answers the question of why most Americans have never heard about the remarkably advanced civilization that once existed anciently in the Heartland of the North America continent.

Emeritus Director of the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, Roger Kennedy, joins other scholars in explaining how this ancient civilization was lost to time through racial bigotry, misunderstanding, scientific agendas such as "cultural evolution" and deliberate deceptions against the modern descendants of these ancient cultures.

Expert historians, anthropologists, researchers, linguists, archeologists, and Native Americans, tell the story of this once great civilization, which existed before, during and after the 1st century BC and AD in North America, and how sites and artifacts were dismissed, ignored, destroyed, and even hidden away for more than a hundred years, effectively telling Native Americans (and the rest of us) that they had no history.

Modern researchers are finally uncovering the abundant evidence that still remains, bringing to light again the incredible story of this ancient civilization that rivaled all others of the world in its time.

In particular, historians and other experts explore the development of the once prevalent theory of cultural evolution (coincident with Darwinian Evolution) and how this theory influenced the doctrine of "Manifest Destiny" and Native American policies that actually encouraged the “wanton destruction” of many priceless ancient structures and earthworks as well as hiding away and discrediting the of artifacts found within them.

Lost Civilization explores sites still existing, which show ample evidence of advanced civilization, and describes the amazing knowledge of astronomy and mathematics which it took to build these structures. The film shows many of the artifacts that have survived, the inscribed tablets, the copper and iron tools and weapons and other artifacts that reveal origins for these people that were purposely hidden away.


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