The Viper Project

The Viper Project
The Viper Project By D. Clark Farr

6x9 381 Pages List Price: $24.95 Now: $22.95

D. Clark Farr at his best with this Science Fiction thriller that pits the intelligence and prowess of a young man who finds himself the object of a diabolical experiment. He (the Viper) must find his way out and must recover his original identity to discover who he is and why he has been taken galaxies away from his original home...

“You’re sedated,” Viper thought. “That means you won’t be able to move. It won’t stop you. Think! They can only keep you for so long…before you find a way out. WAKE UP!”

For too long, Project Viper’s world has been controlled by captors who keep everything, including his freedom, just out of reach. The powerful, scientific Project knows disturbingly little of his past, the designs behind his own creation, or what lies before him.

Frankly, he doesn’t care. He is no longer dreaming of escape or revenge—he is fighting for them! Away from the protection of his asteroid prison, he collides with even bigger problems:

• Viper’s discontentment sharpens, proving he is more than a heartless warrior, he needs something more than a life of combat offers, and remains powerless to find it.
• A single republic spanning the known universe strains, assaulted by an army whose homeland they cannot find.
• A beautiful young woman struggles, rebuilding her life after a foe from the sky devastated her home world. She lost everything, except a strength many others never had—Belief.
• An entire civilization hopes, unable to free itself from the grip of tyranny.

Without their knowing, the solution rests with a very unlikely hero. THE VIPER PROJECT weaves a masterful tale of action, romance, and intrigue. The Project’s escape goes perfectly according to plan. Everything else does not. From there, his destiny hurtles him into an unparalleled journey, challenging him in ways he would never have imagined, only to find that it’s just…the beginning.

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