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Politics of Public Education ("Sakharov")

Politics of Public Education (\"Sakharov\")
1. Dismal public school outcomes are destined to remain the same until and unless taxpayers demand changes at the local level.

2. The unions control elections and mislead voters and therefore perpetuate the status quo, which includes large salaries, ineffective union teachers, union dues and union-controlled courses of study.

3. School reform begins at the local level with taxpayers and parents demanding accountability of the local school board. Taxpayers and parents must also control state elections providing school choice for all children.

1. School choice must become the watchword if real change is to take place, including the removal of those who would maintain and perpetuate a pervasive mediocrity in the public school system. Not to be neglected is the election of local, state, and federal officials who likewise oversee the institution of public education.

2. Technology can play a positive role in knowledge acquisition as brick and mortar buildings and the antiquated curriculum they support becomes increasingly obsolete.

1. An informed and educated citizenry is the answer to change that will make a difference.

2. Radical problems call for radical solutions and these solutions exist now in a variety of creative ways. These tested and adaptable solutions address the differing needs, interests and talents of students everywhere.

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