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Expanding the Circle

Expanding the Circle
Expanding the Circle

Scientific Breakthroughs Reinforce Biblical Truths

By Gary T. Wright

6x9 Paperback 323 pages List Price: $22.95

Are you skeptical of the "primordial swamp" explanation for the origins of life? Does something inside you reject the notion of a sub-human ancestry? Do you hold to a Biblical view of creation and yet feel completely unprepared to defend that position in light of the “scientific consensus” that so loudly declares otherwise?

This book examines an array of scientific breakthroughs that authoritatively refute the central tenets of organic evolution which have monopolized our public education system for almost a century.

The author thoughtfully addresses these (and other) questions:

• Why does mainstream science insist that there is no intelligent design behind earth’s marvelous variety of life when common sense and fossil evidence clearly dictate otherwise?

• If there any fossilized remains of pre-Adamite “transitional” humans, where are they and how certain is the science behind them?

• Does evolution, as proposed by Charles Darwin, truly happen? If so, is there any solid scientific proof (or even evidence) that it does?

• Since dinosaur soft tissues containing red blood cells still intact were recently discovered, when did dinosaurs really live?

• What was really responsible for the earth’s geologic and fossil record, and what scientific evidence is there to prove it?

• What evidence do we have that water constitutes a much more significant portion of the earth’s interior than previously thought and how does that change our understanding of earth science?

Regardless of your personal views on creation and the “descent of man,” this book will Expand the Circle of your knowledge.

Based upon timeless principles, it will stand the test of time as you pursue answers to some of life’s most important questions.

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