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Silver: Nature's Natural Healer

Silver: Nature\'s Natural Healer
Silver: Nature's Natural Healer

Author: Dr. Silence DoGood (Pseudonym)

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This book was authored and compiled by a member of the Silver Use Institute. The authors are indeed Doctors (Phd's) in the field of Microbiology.

Silver is one of the most beautiful metals that exists. Man has worked for thousands of years to purify and perfect it. Silver is classified as a precious metal, and as such has been highly sought after.

Precious is a good and descriptive definition of what silver really is. Many people talk about it daily, but so few actually know what it can do. Dr. DoGood believes that we have not even begun to scratch the surface in the knowledge of what this beautiful and amazing metal can do to help reduce suffering and enhance the well being of all mankind.

About the Author:
“Dr. DoGood” is the pseudonym used by the author of this book. Dr. DoGood is in fact a “Doctor” in that he received a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine. In his early life, Dr. DoGood actually worked in the mining industry where he documented veins of silver that ran for miles. While with that company he hammered, chiseled and mined it from veins in the earth, he crushed it, ground it, and melted it into bars. He helped his company amass millions of ounces of silver reserves.

The second phase of Dr. DoGood’s silver “exploration” began the year his father gave him a book to read on the therapeutic uses of silver. That information opened an entirely new world of silver that he did not even know existed. Since that time, Dr. DoGood has dedicated his life to studying the medicinal properties of silver. He has read hundreds of books, reports and studies on silver. He has written and critiqued numerous published articles and studies on the many medicinal uses of silver. Dr. DoGood has been an inventor on a number of silver medical use patents some of which have been approved by the US Government.

Dr. DoGood has worked with dozens of independent labs, universities, international bio-pharma, government groups, military research groups, hospitals, and humanitarian organizations, in amassing new knowledge on silver and its capabilities. He has been involved in testing and retesting numerous silver products. He has been able to document how and where silver can be used to help reduce suffering. As a practice, Dr. DoGood has often found himself challenging conventional wisdom, but by working with talented people and labs, he has been able test, prove, and separate fact from fiction. Along the way, Dr. DoGood has witnessed countless breakthrough discoveries and growth in the world’s knowledge of silver.

Words of "Dr. Silence DoGood":
"This book was not written for money, nor for the praise of man. I give it free to the whole world. You can read the entire book on-line for free by clicking on this link SilverUseInstitute.com I wrote it to expand the knowledge of silver, to help reduce needless pain, suffering and pre-mature death. My intent is to mark a space in time and summarize what we currently know about silver, with the intent that smarter minds can take hold upon what we currently know and continue to move that knowledge forward. Those minds will continue to perfect health protocols, devise combined treatments, and expand the general knowledge regarding the many uses of silver.

There are thousands of areas of application yet to be explored. Studies such as food disinfection and protection, which have not even begun to be examined. Millions of people suffer premature disease and death every year; billions of dollars are wasted that could have been saved through the expanded use of silver science and knowledge of the same."

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