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Liquid Silver 8oz

Liquid Silver 8oz
Silver Spectrum Liquid NanoSilver 8oz bottle

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10 ppm Liquid Solution

American Silver Spectrum offers the products derived from the silver technologies of a dedicated American biotech research company. The maker of these products utilizes a completely new medical silver technology which has garnered multiple patents in the U.S. - and worldwide intellectual property protection, including a broad-use patent that provides the company with exclusive rights to its silver-based products to combat many of the world’s most common, and dangerous ailments.

There is currently in peer review a human trial performed at The University of Utah. It will be published soon. To our knowledge this is the first human trial ever performed with a specifically branded silver supplement in an accredited university study.

November 14, 2006 - The first US Patent, ever, for a nano silver particle is issued. US Patent number 7135195.

The process patents for manufacturing our silver solutions were approved years ago, but until now, there has never been a silver particle so molecularly unique and identifiable that the engineered silver particle could be considered for patent protection. This approval would not have been possible without the reams of accumulated research data, which were submitted with the application. Of particular significance was the peer reviewed, four year study performed at the Pennsylvania State University, Materials Science Department. It proved conclusively that the nano-catalytic silver molecule was of the purest silver, in near-solution in the purest water (not an ionic colloidal suspension), and coated with a unique oxide shell which carries a negative electron charge, as opposed to the positive particle charge of an ionic colloid. These properties go a long way toward explaining the superior performance of these silver preparations. Their stability is amazing and their shelf life is demonstrated to be in excess of 10 years, even after boiling or freezing. This makes them perfect survival long storage items. No conventional silver colloid can make that claim. We guarantee it.

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