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Serena Gaefke

The 101 Reasons Not to Have an Abortion

The 101 Reasons Not to Have an Abortion

A Girl's Guide to Informed Choices

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This book has been a multi-year labor of love by the Australian author, Serena Gaefke. Serena now resides in the United States. Completed in 2010, the author made the entire book available as a free eBook download on her website, Anyone can still get it there free of charge.

This printed edition was prepared in response to the many requests the author has since received to provide a physical, printed copy.

Loaded with great information and easy to read, this is a tremendous publication! Serena is not about shock and guilt but rather informed decision making. The decision to abort or not is intensely personal and each woman must have the best guidance possible in making that life-altering choice.

The author has declined any royalty on the sale of these books and a portion of the proceeds is being donated to worthy pro-life causes.

Message from the author

The decision whether or not to terminate is a difficult one. None of us wants to make a choice we will regret. At the same time we want to be happy with our choice now. How can you decide what to do?

By examining all the reasons not to have an abortion, you may prevent later regret when you come across this same information. It's about more than just a choice? It's about making an informed choice.

Here's my challenge to you. If, after reading this book—all 101 reasons—you still think that abortion is the best choice for you, then guess what? You can go ahead, knowing that you were fully informed. And if I do happen to convince you otherwise, won't you be grateful that you read this book?

Just think. If abortion is right, then nothing in this book should be able to change your conviction of that. But, if abortion is wrong, won't you be glad you saw this first?

Agree with one reason or agree with them all—every reason in this book is a good reason not to have an abortion.


  • 412 pages
  • 8x10
  • Softcover
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