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Stephen J. Spykerman

A Game-Changing Revelation (Vol. II)

A Game-Changing Revelation (Vol. II)

The Hidden Ancestry of America and Great Britain

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Who are the Americans and the British?

In Volume One we clearly stated our premise and the fact that we were inspired by the example of Galileo, the great 15th century astronomer. It is important at this stage that we have a brief resume of the specific purpose for this work.

What is our premise? Our premise revolves around Abraham being designated a "Father of Nations." The question that flows from this statement surely is: How many nations is Abraham the father of? It is commonly accepted that both the Jewish people, as well as the Arabic desert tribes are his descendants.

The question is: are the Jews, together with a dozen or so Arab nations, the only peoples that have descended from Abraham? Might there be others? Could it be that America and Great Britain have descended from this same patriarch, or is that too farfetched to even consider?

What we have here is a revolutionary idea every bit as politically incorrect and nacceptable to our modern twenty-first century society, as was Galileo’s idea to his society in the fifteenth century. Do you want to know the answer? If you do, let us boldly follow in Galileo’s footsteps and courageously state our seemingly impossible premise that the British and American peoples are indeed the descendants of Abraham.

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