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Deep Doctrines

Deep Doctrines

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If new ideas upset you, this book is not for you. To all others, you will find that this book is an interesting challenge and a source of ideas you may not have heard before.

Friends have bemoaned to me the fact that we seem to have the same lessons in priesthood meetings and Gospel Doctrine classes year after year, never getting into the meat of most subjects. The fact is, unless we do outside reading, we don't hear some of the best gospel-related stories, and we don't learn about fascinating things such as external evidence of the Book of Mormon. The basics are vital and need constant review, but sometimes it is edifying to know 'the rest of the story.'

To all those seeking 'more,' this book is for you. I hope it whets your appetite to study other doctrinal works that support the truthfulness of the Church.

Softcover 232 pages

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Seventh Seal

Chapter 2: The Ten Found Tribes

Chapter 3: The Second Comforter

Chapter 4: Why There Are at Least Seven Divisions in the Spirit World

Chapter 5: Mahujah and Mahijah

Chapter 6: The Dissolution of the Body or the Final Destiny of the Sons of Perdition

Chapter 7: Christians are not followers of the biblical Christ and, therefore, are not


Chapter 8: Where Do Little Children Go When They Die?

Chapter 9: Prophets that Don't Prophecy and Seers that Don't

Chapter 10: Three Kinds of Spirits

Chapter 11: Evolution from Primordial Swamp Cells to Man is Manufactured Fiction

Chapter 12: Did Man Really Live Over Nine Hundred Years?

Chapter 13: The Roomful of Nephite Plates? Does the Church have them?

Chapter 14: How God Became God

Chapter 15: Spaulding Manuscript

Chapter 16: Why Does God Preserve Evil in the Land?

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