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Dr. Bernardo Bridell

Dr. Bridell's Logical and Rational and Poetic and Beautiful and Completely Guaranteed Diet

Dr. Bridell's Logical and Rational and Poetic and Beautiful and Completely Guaranteed Diet

For All Your Appetites

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Lots of diet books? Lots of promises? Lots of bunk! So says Dr. Bridell, who is actually a popular author and writer writing under a pseudonym of Dr. Bridell.

This book is different. It even comes with a guarantee:

If you read and follow this book, you will lose weight—quite a lot of weight in most cases—and your weight loss will actually be the least important thing this book does for you.

. . . and that is a full money-back guarantee!

Dr. Bridell (sounds like "bridle" as used on a horse) uses food as a metaphor for all our "appetites and passions." Once we learn to "sip, savor, and smell" rather than "gulp, guzzle, and glut," we begin to evoke the maximum enjoyment out of the nourishment process.

It's not about guilt or counting calories or limiting yourself to bland food. It's about proper and thoughtful control that brings about a fullness of joy. Once that is mastered, Dr. Bridell takes you on to the other appetites and passions where the same principles apply to enhance and maximize our experience. It's about getting the most out of life and doing it in good form at the same time!

Readers will appreciate the "joy quotient" analogy. After a period of fasting, the first bite is always the most "joyful" followed by the second and third, however there is a point of diminishing returns. That is the point at which we need to program ourselves to stop. It's like leaving a party at its peak rather than staying to the bitter end. The joy factor is greater and joy is enhanced.

When we cease to glut ourselves, we don't need a "diet or nutrition guide" to tell us what to eat. Our body will naturally crave those more nutritious items that it needs once we have stopped stuffing it.

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