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Fathers Arise!

Fathers Arise!

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Fathers Arise by Ed J. Pinegar

A wonderful Father's Day gift for all the fathers in your life!

6x9 Trade Paperback 108 pages; List Price $12.95

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Be among the first to read this gently written but powerfully moving book by brother Pinegar.

In this wonderful and timeless work by Ed Pinegar fathers are instructed on their sacred and God-given roles and responsibilities. At a time when society is ever down-playing and diminishing fathers and their inherent worth, Pinegar calls for a redoubling of effort in face of these perilous times in which we live.

Readers will appreciate the straight forward, a humorous and non-preachy approach that Brother Pinegar uses in his latest work on the topic of topics, Fatherhood.

Fathers, do you have any idea how important you are to your family? If you don't, ask anyone who had to grow up without a father. Ask me. I know.
I was just twelve, on that Mother's Day in 1947, when the news came that my daddy had died. I was a tall, skinny kid, big for my age, but no boy is ever big enough to lose his dad. I couldn't believe what I was told. My very own father was gone. I couldn't understand the tragedy, either. Why should my mama and our family be without a father? What a bitter surprise to happen on Mother's Day.

My angel mother did not falter, however. The work designed for two, she did alone. She raised our family with love, bounteous and Christ-like love. Her life was her children. Through her example, I began to see the Savior's life with a better perspective. I saw what it meant for me, a growing, gangly boy in love with sports and the outdoors. That other boy so long ago, the Boy from Nazareth, had lived his whole life for us and had died for us. That meant we should live for others. Mother taught me these truths beautifully, in a way I could understand. But superb as she was, I still missed my father, and I miss him yet. Dads are important to their growing sons in a way no one else can duplicate. A boy learns to be a man, and he learns to be a father, by watching the man and the father he knows best, his Dad. All my life long, I have been grateful for the ten years worth of memories that I have of my father.

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