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NanoSilver Liquid - 16oz

NanoSilver Liquid - 16oz

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SilverCeuticals - Active Defense - Nano-Silver Liquid Daily Immune Support Supplement

Why is a publishing company featuring a health-related product?

Back in 2016, I was approached by the principals of what was then American Biotech Laboratories (ABL) to assist them in publishing "Silver Nature's Natural Healer." Note: On any order > $60 we will include a free copy of the Silver book (one per customer). After distributing some 30,000 copies of the book to a variety of health markets, I grew increasingly interested in the results people were claiming.

I decided to test it for myself. I read in the book that Nano-Silver was an effective treatment for canker sores. (Something I have suffered from for years).

A daily teaspoon of the liquid eliminated canker sores within a few days (and I have not had a full-on canker since that day.) Following that discovery, I next found myself that the oral hygiene products were helping at the dentist. My dentist asked, "What have you been doing?" The only thing that I was doing differently was the daily use of Nano-Silver tooth gel. I have also observed that daily use of the liquid has boosted my immunity against common colds and other viral-born pathogens.  Nano-Silver is our family's "silver bullet" against infections of all kinds. We will never be without this miracle formula.

Now we offer the product to those who are looking for natural, non-pharmaceutical answers to health and wellness.

Note: We have a mixture of products under several brands all made by the same mfr, SilverCeuticals brands are what I have most of these days.

Here are several customer reviews:

"SilverCeutical's Nano-Silver solution. It is NOT, colloidal silver! That's why it is called NANO silver. Nano-Silver is like God's medicine cabinet, it covers so many health and wellness needs, and it is AMAZING how it works in one's body."
"The Lozenges are especially good for fighting sore throats and are especially beneficial because enjoying the lozenge means it stays in your mouth long enough to benefit your teeth and throat."

"SilverCeuticals, a nanotechnology silver, is protected by U.S. PATENT. There are over 300 uses for Nano-Silver. Included in the patent is the use of Nano-Silver for healing Malaria. There is also, supporting research showing powerful benefits when treating MRSA." 

"I've been using NANO-SILVER in its liquid form and gel form for years, and the Lozenges for 5+ years. When my grand-baby girl woke up with Pink Eye on the day her family was to leave on vacation we put NANO-SILVER gel on her eyelids and rubbed it in... we then gave her 1/2 tsp of the Liquid Silver in her bottle a couple of times during the day. By the END of the day, ALL Pink Eye was gone!! We kept applying the gel for another day and gave her the 1/2 tsp as well... no Pink Eye! Oh, we also put the Nano-Silver gel on her hands... you know how babies put their hands everywhere, LOL. We also treated her 4 yr old brother, dad & mom. It was perfect. NO ONE else had any Pink Eye!!"

"We use Silver Sol for toothpaste, cold sores, moisturizer, and as a hand sanitizer. It's effective for up to 4 hours (if you don't wash your hands) and for so many other uses. No risk of that Blue skin thing as with colloidal silver AND in my most recent research, it has been proven...Silver Sol, is an Antibacterial, it "knows" the difference between the bad bacteria and the good bacteria in your gut and only destroys the bad leaving the good to continue working!! It's all out there in the WEB... along with supporting documentation."

Have fun discovering the 300+ uses for SilverCeuticals' SILVER solutions
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