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Timothy J. Adams

Pattern of the Heavens

Pattern of the Heavens

The Symbols of Astronomy, the Scriptures, and Myth

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Timothy Adams has taken a new look at one of the most ancient of subjects: The origins of astronomical "signs" and their linkage to Old Testament and other scripture.

Using research, ultra-modern technology, and software, Adams illuminates the topic in a way never before attempted.

From the beginning pages of the Book of Mormon, we learn of the ancient knowledge of and belief in Jesus the Christ. Old Testament prophets also foretold His coming in more veiled imagery as types and shadows. But is it possible the Israelites and their neighbors understood a desired son would be born to a virgin mother, who would set up a government that could free His people and rule the world in peace?

Could remnants of such a story be right before our eyes? We live in a busy world, paying little attention to the creation all around us. If we look up and pay attention, a glorious view of heaven awaits us.

The apostle Paul told us that Moses patterned the tabernacle according to things he saw on the mount. High on the mountaintop, Moses was instructed of a pattern to build a mobile home (tabernacle) so that God could dwell in the midst of the children of Israel. Could it be that the pattern was taken from the very stars, among which God Himself dwells?

"Moses was admonished of God when he was about to make the tabernacle: See, saith he, that thou make all things according to the pattern shewed to thee in the mount.—Hebrews 8:5

The idea for the title of this book comes from the verse above—that while Moses was on the mount, he saw in the stars a pattern. The tabernacle built by Moses was patterned and organized according to the "example and shadow" of things heavenly.

As one seeks to understand this pattern of the tabernacle and then considers that it was ordered after heavenly things, one must ask the question: What heavenly things? If the heavens truly do testify of Christ and of the great plan of salvation, then the heavens as defined as Mazzaroth or the constellations may well hold the key to better understanding Moses' teaching, as well as his governing of Israel through the organization of the priesthood.

Ancient civilizations created a pantheon of deities and myth, and among them were those reportedly from the heavens. Little is known about where or when these ideas started, nor how they evolved over time.

Idols and the iconic worship of cults swept away all reason, resulting in a myriad of tall tales and silliness that persist even to this day. Misguided and deceived people pursue in vain their sign among the stars.

There are amazing correlations, however, between the myths of ancient societies and biblical scriptural text. The Creator Himself prepared the heavens as a testimony to His existence and future mission. As such, one should consider the constellations as a voice which, through the generations of man, has borne the same consistent testimony of the great plan and promise of the atonement of Jesus Christ.

Scholars have dodged this subject and have turned a general blind eye to this entire field of study, and yet, this is part of the revealed knowledge of the Lord.


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