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Val Brinkerhoff

The Day Star: Reading Sacred Architecture (Book 1)

The Day Star: Reading Sacred Architecture (Book 1)

Alphabet & Archetypes

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This new edition adds over 200 pages of additional information, including an entire section devoted to the Christ-centered symbolism of the Great Pyramid of Giza. This new volume has over 400 pages.

Learn to "read" Latter-day Saint temples and other sacred architecture—historic and modern—by understanding the rich language of visual symbolism used in and on them. The author takes his reader on a journey of the visual alphabet and archetypes of this ancient symbolic language established early on by the Prophet Joseph Smith and resurrected again by President Gordon B. Hinckley.

Experience the rise, fall, and resurrection of this unique visual language on Latter-day Saint temples. Begin understanding numbers, shapes, and colors from a Biblical and visual perspective. Discover how pillars are connected to covenant-making and how the 432 celestial spheres on the Nauvoo Temple illustrate the church of the Firstborn, eternal life, and other important doctrinal concepts.

More than 500 gorgeous full-color photographs of Latter-day Saint temples and other sacred architecture, both ancient and modern, from over 40 countries illustrate how decor, space, and archetypal form unfold hidden gospel treasures on our temples. Richly footnoted, those seeking more in their scripture study and temple worship will never look at those buildings or scripture in the same way.

About the author

Val Brinkerhoff is an associate professor of photography in the Visual Arts Department of Brigham Young University. He and his wife Trina have 4 children and live in Elk Ridge Utah. The 2-part Day Star series was produced as part of the larger "Sacred Places" documentary photography project. To see more photographs from this project, go to the link noted below:


  • 8.75x11.25
  • Full color case bound

Publisher's note

While the initial price of this volume may seem high, please bear in mind the following:

  1. On a per-page basis, The Day Star at 800 over pages costs 22 cents a page to print. By comparison, the 92-page book Sacred Walls [Covenant, 2009] by Gerald Hansen (photography by Val Brinkerhoff) runs over 30 cents a page. The Day Star is in fact priced 27 percent lower.

  2. The Day Star by its very nature, is not likely to be broadly adopted by a large number of readers and therefore the books are printed in very small—indeed ultra-short—custom digital print runs on a special press in New York. Neither the author nor the publisher are "making money" on these books, but both have a sincere desire to make the book available to all those interested in this remarkable subject matter.
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