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Jonathan Neville

Why Mormons Need the Book of Mormon

Why Mormons Need the Book of Mormon

25 Reasons to Feast Upon the Words

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This is a book for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons or LDS) that discusses how to better understand and use the Book of Mormon.

Topics include "getting real," the establishment of Zion, additional records to come forth, General Conference talks, amnesia, and "Grandmas and Wrestling."

Message from the author

I've been a lot of places (visited every continent) and done a lot of things (practiced law, produced movies, started and sold companies, dived with sharks), but my favorite things are reading and writing. After writing over 30 volumes of the Legalines series, I started writing novels and nonfiction.

In the last few years, I've focused on LDS Church history and Book of Mormon topics, written from a faithful perspective. I've discovered that much of what we've thought about Church history was mistaken. For example, we've all thought that Joseph Smith translated only one set of plates--the ones he got from Moroni's stone box on Cumorah. Instead, he translated two separate sets. The second set he got later, when he arrived in Fayette, New York.

I've also discovered that many LDS intellectuals have become pre-occupied with a Mesoamerican setting for the Book of Mormon that requires them to reject the unanimous and consistent teachings of the prophets and apostles about the New York setting of the Hill Cumorah. I've addressed these issues in my blogs, including Letter VII and Book of Mormon Wars.

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