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How to Have Your Second Comforter

How to Have Your Second Comforter

A Personal True Story

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Anonymous authorship. The author has declined any royalties on this title.

Author's note

This is no imaginary tale. You can part the veil and stand in the presence of God while you are still among the living. You can have this special gift called the Second Comforter. This experience is no less than to be an actual witness of Jesus Christ; to hold Him and touch the marks in His hands, feet, and side; to hear Him tell you who you are, and bless you. And then your education truly begins, as God unfolds to you the mysteries. I did not want to write this book but I was instructed to because it would help others. I am a witness of Him, but for now, I am to limit what I share and how I share it. The day will come when I and many others will stand in public, and before the world, to make it known that the day of the Lord is come. But at this time, my effort is to assist those who need to awaken and come to know the Lord.

Back cover copy

If this book finds its way into your hands it is likely not a coincidence. It was written for a select few who would be drawn to it, and who have a desire to learn about the topic we call "The Second Comforter."

I have made no attempt to advertise the book or try and convince anyone that it is true; you will need to discern that that for yourself. Many will likely learn of this book by word of mouth, or by accidentally finding it as they search the internet for information on the topic.

This is my story and quest of which only recently has culminated in the full experience of piercing the veil and coming to my Lord. It was everything I had hoped for and more. You may find much within these pages that you have never heard or thought of previously. So take a deep breath and relax, because you may need some time to digest it completely.

The only purpose for writing this book is to help you find your path, to suggest a means and a way for you to have your own personal Second Comforter experience, for I know that this is a available to each of you, if it is your desire.

He lives! I can say this for certain without hesitation, and you will too. Come, learn how to have your Second Comforter, and taste of the fruit that is more beautiful and glorious than words can describe.


  • 5.5x8.5
  • 199 pages
  • Softcover

Publisher's note

This book is neither endorsed by the publisher nor is the publisher's imprint found thereon. Readers are free to reach their own conclusions based upon the content of the text as to the merits of the book.

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