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Richard B. Stringham

Love's Divine Artistry

Love's Divine Artistry

Our Lives Become a Beautiful Work of Art

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The following lines reflect the fluid writing style of Richard Stringham, his supernal use of language flows with the same artistic softness as the topic in which e seemed to be continuously immersed while capturing this transcendent thread, but first a tiny insight into the backstory...

Richard Stringham was a loving husband, father, architect, and Tabernacle choir member. In his later years, he would wake in the night with supernal and heavenly words flowing into his mind. He would take a yellow notepad and write the words as fast as they would come and when they stopped he would return to sleep. It was only after his passing that his wife and daughter collated and compiled his hundreds of handwritten pages into the manuscript that became this book. A direct outpouringĀ of heaven's love into a pure man's heart.

"Love orchestrates the most majestic love story of all time. It is an epic drama portraying the grandeur of the great heart of Heaven, our Eternal Father, who has ascended upon the wings of His love to the highest realms of glory. Love is His governing statute by which each individual and whole communities may ascend to realms of divine light, bearing a love so bounteous that it fires His passion to share His glory with all of His children.

Love's passion, deeply instilled within the great heart of Christ our Savior, impels Him to honor His commission to shepherd the whole of our lives through the most treacherous terrains and into the fertile vales of joy. Lavishing His love upon even the most wayward of His flock, lost from the fold of our shepherd, stained by the wounds of our wandering, helpless and cold. He would ransom our reproach with a compassion that arises to meet the measure of our contrition. No depth of our descent exceeds the loft of His reclaiming art.

Love refines the societal artistry that creates a beautiful life. If we acquire a meekness and tenderness of heart, we too may enter the beautiful light of Christ's love and partake of its exquisite splendor. That in reminiscence of our Holy Father and our Savior's beauty of soul, we too might become beautiful within by seeking to assist in bringing forth the beauty inherent in every soul who comes within the sphere of our influence."


  • 206 pages
  • 6x9
  • Soft, elegant, gold foil embossed cover
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