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Val Brinkerhoff

The Remnant Awakens

The Remnant Awakens

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Who is the Book of Mormon Remnant? What is their last days mission? Few know that our Savior has visited our Native American brothers and sisters, doing so a number of times. One of his most widely reported visits was in 1890 in western Nevada. Few are aware of it today, yet is was reported in magazines and newspapers across the country that year. It led to the "Messiah Craze." The Federal Government sent U.S. Army General Nelson Miles to investigate this "Messiah" and why Native Americans were reacting so strongly to His supposed visit.

The Book of Mormon is written to the remnant of Jacob on this land. They are the seed of his eleventh son Joseph who was sold into Egypt. God made significant covenants with Joseph and his posterity, those of Manasseh and Ephraim dominating this land. These special covenants are about to be fulfilled and will affect us all. For this reason, we must come to understand the remnant and prophecy, so that we might be better prepared for the fulfillment of the covenants made to the fathers in preparation for the last-days return of our Savior.

Understanding the message of the Book of Mormon is dependent upon our willingness to receive light by removing false traditions and embracing a broader view of things. For too long we have had a narrow view of God's plan to save His children. We have placed ourselves as Saints at the center of this view, when in reality there are many other children to be considered and saved. Mormon said, "all things which are hid must be revealed upon the house-tops" (Mormon 5:8).

Reports suggest that Christ taught representatives of some sixteen tribes a message on spreading brotherhood and love among the Indian people, and with the white man. He did this via a special dance known as the "Dance of Welcome or Peace." He also taught that this choice land would one day return to the oppressed Native American people. Both teachings were dramatically changed upon His departure, reflecting a desire to seek revenge against the whites by those not at the gathering. The end result of the Messiah Craze was the Massacre at Wounded Knee, the last major battle between the U.S. Army and the Native Americans.

What does the Book of Mormon say about the rising up of these forgotten people in the end times? How do they fit into the fulfillment of important covenants made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and especially Joseph? Who will lead them? These are a few of the subjects addressed in this work.

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