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Susan E. Woods

The Transfer (Vol. 2)

The Transfer (Vol. 2)

In the Performance of Duty the Legacy Continues

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Of the more than one million missionaries who have served in this last dispensation, less than one tenth of one percent have ever qualified for THE TRANSFER, thus making it an extremely rare occurrence in the work of the Lord.

This book and its companion volumes (1 and 3) were written to honor the memory of those whose departure has been borne most heavily by the families left behind. Here is a compilation of their stories, as told by loved ones—describing the unwelcome sacrifices evidently deemed necessary or even crucial to the opening of doors, turning of keys and blessing of thousands of lives.

Compiled over the span of more than four years, these stories include missionaries who have served from the beginning of the Restoration to those "transferred" as recently as 2008.

Each story is a microcosm of the life of many missionaries—a series of events that prepared the individual to serve, premonitions on the part of the missionary or family members, the "perfect accident" that takes a life or maims a missionary for life. These and many other bittersweet stories are shared by families whose sorrows and compensatory blessings make their loved one's story at once personal and universal.

This second volume in the series now adds 64 more names and stories to the list.

Many have asked which names are featured in each volume. The following is a list of names included in this volume:

  • Allred, Allen George, Canada Vancouver, 1979
  • Bartholomew, Calvin Henry, Germany Friedrichsdorf, 1991
  • Bateman, Bryce, Florida Jacksonville, 1995
  • Beck, Jeffrey K, California San Bernardino, 1984
  • Bent, Michael Joshua, Apia Western Samoa, 2003
  • Bigelow, Moroni, Eastern States, 1870
  • Black, Richard Keith, South Africa Cape Town, 1999
  • Blackburn, Keltson Gene, North Carolina Charlotte, 2008
  • Bons, Kevin Paul, Bolivia La Paz, 1981
  • Brown, Matthew Robert, Nebraska Omaha, 1994
  • Bushman, Virgil A., New Mexico Albuquerque, 1996
  • Bybee, Dan Lawrence, Montana Billings, 1978
  • Chamberlain, Marjorie Green, Illinois Nauvoo, 2000
  • Clarke, Samuel Thomas, Great Britain, Wales, 1899
  • Cliff, Geneva Bergener, Western Canada, 1947
  • Drennan, Bruce Ward, Bolivia La Paz, 1981
  • Driggs, Eric Robert, Argentina Resistencia, 2000
  • DuRette, Jesse Nephi, Louisiana Baton Rouge, 1978
  • Eastland, Ronald Jamon, Bolivia La Paz, 1989
  • Elwood, Matthew Erin, Brazil Brasilia, 1987
  • Forsyth, James Arzo, Eastern States, 1903
  • Gee, George Washington, Pennsylvania, 1842
  • Godfrey, Michael R., Germany Hamburg, 1977
  • Green, Bradley, Brazil Rio de Janeiro North, 2001
  • Hamp, Wayne Jeffery, Nevada Las Vegas, 1987
  • Hardy, Bill Rawson, Michigan Lansing, 1988
  • Hendricks, Ralph H., England, 1913
  • Hewson, Douglas Bryant, Massachusetts Boston, 1987
  • Howe, Ralph Thales, Missouri Independence, 1982
  • Hunt, Tyler Bruce, Brazil Rio de Janeiro North, 2002
  • Hyde, Kent Virl, Arizona Phoenix, 1992
  • Isom, John Wolfe, Southern States, 1899
  • Johnson, Richard Eli, Southwestern States, 1903
  • Kirkman, John Edward, Sandwich Islands, 1911
  • Knoop, Matthew Lawrence, 2008
  • Laxman, Jason Richard, 1997
  • Little, Frank Edward, Colorado Denver, 1984
  • Long, Jason Robert, Pennsylvania Harrisburg, 2007
  • Mangum, Jerry D., Nauvoo, Illinois Restoration, 1999
  • Marriott, Richard Lindquist, Spanish-American, 1943
  • Mason, Vaughn Alan, Austria Vienna, 1969
  • Muir, David M., Great Britain/Scotland, 1898
  • Neilsen, Jon Christian, Washington Spokane, 1990
  • Nordstrom, Daniel Agnew, Australia Brisbane, 1994
  • O'Barr, Augustus Barto, London Temple, 1980
  • Okerlund, Ivan George, Eastern States, 1912
  • Orcutt, Rhett Stuart, Texas Houston South, 1998
  • Ott, Joseph Alma, Germany, 1896
  • Palmer, Micki McWilliams, Ohio Kirtland, 1994
  • Parrish, Norman Basil, Indiana Indianapolis, 1991
  • Petty, Robert Cowan, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, 1856
  • Potter, Coltan Duke, 2007
  • Potter, Gary Ryan, New Mexico Albuquerque, 1978
  • Pugmire, Vincent McKay, Southern States, 1888
  • Quist, John Anderson, Scandinavia, 1890
  • Reid, Ethel Lowry, South Sea Islands, 1899
  • Richardson, Sean Thomas, Mexico City East, 1998
  • Riding, Norma Janette Meservy, California Riverside, 2002
  • Seely, Joseph Franklin, Central States, 1918
  • Speirs, James Leaoh (Lee), Hawaii Honolulu, 1977
  • Staples, Brian Dee, South Africa Cape Town, 2002
  • Stevens, George William, New Zealand, 1906
  • Thompson, Trenton Blaine, 2003
  • Turner, Justin Eli, Chile Vi?a del Mar, 1994
  • Walker, Robert Mark, Philippines Baguio, 1997
  • Whiting, Katherine Kay, Canada Montreal, 1985
  • Whiting, Lorenzo Elmer, Illinois Nauvoo, 1984
  • Wilkerson, Jennings Woodrow, California San Bernardino, 1985


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  • 334 pages
  • Available in softcover or hardcover style
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