Heard of the 'UM'? Find out about the New Millennial Science disrupting the academic status quo.

Heard of the 'UM'? Find out about the New Millennial Science disrupting the academic status quo.

So, what exactly is the UM?

First of all, UM¬†stands for Universal Model: A New Millennial Science‚ÄĒa 27-year research project completed by Dean Sessions at the end of 2016. The project's purpose, according to Sessions, was to "lift humanity by fostering understanding and promoting the comprehension of Nature."

And boy, does it ever live up to that!

The UM seeks to return to the way scientific inquiry was supposed to be conducted. Rather than presenting complicated new theories built on complicated old theories, the UM focuses on simple models that demonstrate new natural laws, which are observable in nature.

It's amazing...

In large, textbook-sized volumes, Sessions presents scientific research and discovery in an unparalleled way, challenging many long-held theories and arousing the curiosity of scientifically-minded people, both professionals and amateurs alike.

Topics include:

  • planet-building processes
  • the real origin of lava
  • why water exists almost everywhere
  • true origin of meteorites
  • how Earth‚Äôs abundant minerals and crystals formed
  • the real age of the Earth
  • the rapid formation of fossils
  • new models describing air, water, and other natural substances
  • and much, much more...

When I first met Sessions in 2013, I was completely unprepared for what he presented. To be honest, I was quite incredulous at the time (as nearly everyone is), because what he was saying called into question much of what I had been taught in school from childhood through college.

What he showed me in his garage-turned-laboratory practically blew me away.

After that, every question, every challenge, every "expert witness" I could bring to bear against his theories, were answered easily and effortlessly. Sessions taught me the "hard question" principle, which is: Hard questions are easy when you know the answer.

How true that is!

Since then, I've remained closely connected with Sessions and worked with him to get his work into print. It goes without saying the UM represents the most iconoclastic series of books Digital Legend has ever published.

The UM has changed my life. It has strengthened my faith in scriptures and prophets and has opened my eyes to nature, which I now view in a totally different and more holistic way. What used to be unanswerable mysteries are now easily explained.

I cannot describe how satisfying it is to look at a rock, fossil, or petrified wood and know exactly how each one formed and when.

It would take pages and pages to try to even begin to describe the UM in this post, so I won't even try.

However, with these books, you now have the chance to see for yourself. They are amazing and you will not regret checking them out.

Boyd Tuttle
President, Digital Legend

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